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It started with the Apple. Well of course it did, it always did. Desmond was pretty sure that the snow hadn't started falling around the temple last night. The van was gone, so were Shaun, Rebecca, his dad... He couldn't even find the temple. Where was he? Somewhere I fucking shouldn't be, he thought, his hands stuffed in his armpits to keep them warm. His jeans were soaked from the snow, his Doc Martens soggy and soaking through to his socks. And it was fucking cold. His hoodie wasn't meant to be a winter coat. Made him wish he'd had time to grab his heavier coat from his apartment before Abstergo grabbed him. Well too late now; his stuff had probably been sold off by his landlord or something.

Desmond trudged through the snow, hoping to find a spot that wasn't so deep. Maybe he could build a fire? Find a way to dry out his shoes before he got frostbite? Things he had no idea how to do, really. Other than the way he'd seen Connor do it on nights where it was cold and he was miles from any town. So, there was that. When the snow finally turned shallow, he brushed the snow off a log and sat down to peel off his shoes and socks, warming his toes by hand. There was no sign of frostbite, thank God.

Desmond reached up to his headpiece, hoping that it would finally work. "Hey, hello? Shaun? Rebecca? ....Dad? ...Shit." He sighed and turned it off again. Nothing but static. "Great. Just what I needed. Freezing cold feet and a wet ass. ...And wet firewood." He had the sneaking suspicion that Juno was cackling her mad head off, the bitch. ...those wolf howls didn't exactly sound friendly, either. He had to get a fire going.
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Hey, this is Desmond. Not here, obviously. Do your thing. [beep]
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{{ooc: Just what it says on the tin. How am I doing with Desmond? Thoughts? Concerns? Let me know here!}}


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